Aeg Lifetime Service Agreement

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I don`t know where I saw it anymore (sorry if it was an email or comment I hadn`t replied to yet!), but someone recently asked if it was worth buying Ridgid power tools because of their lifetime service agreement, which means – if you register your tools correctly – free batteries, parts, and services. I bought a ridgid vacuum cleaner, worked well for ~9 months, and then the engine burned. I didn`t believe it, because it has a lifetime warranty. Wow, I was wrong! I brought the vacuum cleaner to the local home depot, they said you had to take it to that repair shop, I said „OK“. He took the vacuum cleaner to the repair shop and dropped it off. Talking to the repairers, he told me that everything had to be covered. Returned two weeks later and received a bill for $129 for the repair. The merchant told me that the LSA was not used because the Vac was abused. How do you abuse a vacuum cleaner in blue hell? I argued with him and told him he could keep the piece of garbage, and I left the Vac in the store and left.

My brother bought a Ridgid 14002 band saw. The box, totally unused, missed the lower tire and the guidance of the upper blade (which Ridgid no longer manufactures) was taken. We hadn`t even turned it on at that time. He contacted Ridgid, they said to take him back to the store, the store would not take him, they said he had to go through Ridgid. He walked around like this three or four times, until he was sad: „Live it!“ He bought a jet sheet guide they make for their band saws (which is a nice solid metal piece, not that cast-colored cast iron manure ridgid uses), and a few urethane tires from e-bay. Put a 3/4 plywood base on it, balance the rims, replace the belt and the saw turns like the sky. Brother-in-law used them at work and loved tools. However, for them, the lifetime warranty did not go away, as they were told that their tool had been abandoned and parts were not available, so the warranty did not do them any good. All my battery devices were Ridgid. Most bought under the 3 month window or something like that when they first came out offering a lifetime NO FAULT warranty that only called Ridgid for service.

Batteries died on my 12vt light/drill combo. The new batteries should arrive in 7 days, no charge to me. Oh, and they answered the phone right away! Ridgid`s lifetime warranty is a joke. I broke the handle of my ornaise saw recently. I had registered the life warranty of the saw. I fired him because Ridgid stopped making the part that broke. Thinking they would replace my saw, I sent it back to The Home Depot. The Home Depot called me and let me know that they refused my claim. I called Rigid and complained that I wanted another saw, since they stopped making the part I needed. Your service agent told me that because I broke it and not mfg. The flaw was that they would not guarantee it. If I re-weld the part and the engine burns, they will not replace it.

So much for the lifetime warranty. I will never buy a Ridgid product again. It`s worth it with Ridgid for the lifetime warranty. I bought their five-part power tool kits in 2004, and as long as you kept the receipt when you bought it, they were on all items. I had a problem with a battery that was immediately replaced for free. Even an internal part within the Sawzall, which broke about 3 years ago, and within a few days I had a new free Sawzall in my hands again.