Agreement On The Status Of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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6 id. art. 25 (1), (4); BSA, see 3, art. 26(1), (4). In accordance with the provisions of Article 26, paragraphs 1 and 4, the BSA and Article 25, paragraphs 1 and 4 SOFA, the agreements will remain in force until the end of 2024 and beyond, unless they are terminated, with a period of two years. c) ends „NATO organiz`cija“ noz`m zieme`atlantijas Padomi un jebk`das civil`s vai milit`r`s pal`ginstit`cijas, ieskaitot Starptautisko milit`ro summerbu, uz kuru attiecas gan 1951. gada 20. septembra Otava nosl`gta l`gumu by Zieme`atlantijas l`guma organiz`cijas, valstu pérst`vju un starptautisk summerba statusu, gan 1952. gada 28. Protokola by Starptautisko milityro summerbu, kas izveidoti saskaé ar Zieme`atlantijas l`gumu, statusu, nosac`jumi. 5 See id.

Art. 24. Article 24 of SOFA provides that the terms of the BSA as well as the terms of all other relevant bilateral agreements between Afghanistan and each RSM 2015] INTRODUCTORY NOTE on the U.S. S.-AFGHANISTAN BSA – NATO-AFGHANISTAN SOFA 273 Countries participating in accession are priority over those on the sofa. Considering that the organisation of the North Atlantic Treaty, its international staff and representatives of the Member States participating in their meetings should have the status set out in accordance with the statute for the performance of their duties and for the fulfilment of their duties, the Council may conclude, on behalf of the Organization, complementary agreements with any Member State or with the Member States with a view to amending the provisions of this agreement. to the extent that that state or states are concerned. 11 In order to ensure the legal status of ISAF personnel and equipment that has not yet been withdrawn from Afghanistan before the end of the ISAF mandate, Article 2, paragraph 3 of the CANAPÉ also provides that its conditions apply to this personnel and equipment until they are redistributed from Afghanistan. 8 See, for example.

B, the 2003 U.S. Department of Defense`s 2003 Military and Civilian Personnel Status Agreement, which was declared in Afghanistan as part of cooperative efforts to combat terrorism, humanitarian and civilian assistance, military training and exercises and other activities, U.S.Afg., Sept.