Antenuptial Agreement Chinese

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In 2011, an intermediate people`s court in Beijing awarded the woman RMB 800,000 after finding that her husband had breached his obligation of fidelity under the pre-marital agreement. If you have more questions about the marriage contract in China or are looking for trustworthy sworn translators, look no further! HI-COM is always ready to help you with all your language needs! Contact us now. Marriage contracts can also address situations in which a partner leaves a secure and fulfilling job to live with a geographically distant spouse. If the marriage doesn`t work, is it fair to send the moving spouse home with nothing? Many people would say no. A marriage contract is a good way to do this. Find our Chinese lawyer to learn more about the marriage contract under Chinese law. What are you doing? This is a question we ask ourselves when we take out insurance, knowing that we cannot control the future, but we also know that we should be ready. It will reduce the number of times you will have to be in court (with the exception of child-related issues), as other issues have already been resolved in writing in advance. It will speed up resolution and reduce risk exposure and publicity. If there is great inequality in couples` existing net assets, pre-nup is the wise choice to avoid problems in the future. How to prepare your prenup in China. We have prepared this article to dispel all the doubts you have about marriage contracts and the legalization of prenups signed in China.

Starting a family with a stranger is of course very exciting, but from a legal point of view, it may not always go so well. .