Authorization Agreement In English

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In its capacity as supervisory authority for the TIR Convention, the TIR Executive Board (TIRExB) is also the depositary of written agreements or other legal instruments to be concluded between the national association for the issuance and guarantee of TIR Carnets and the competent Customs authorities of the Parties included in Annex 9, Part 1(e), of the TIR Convention. 2. the agreement or other legal instrument to be established between the competent authorities and the national associations on the basis of national law and which entails an obligation of the national association or associations referred to in point (e) of Part I(1) of Annex 9. This is the age of technology, and with any new innovation, patents and authorizations are coming. If you`re looking for a well-structured template for multi-user agreements, look no further! This template will convey your point of view without the legal jargon that can confuse and distract an ordinary person. If you have a design idea or software that could be monopolized by a company, this is the model for you. In order to provide guidance to Customs authorities and national associations, TIRExB gave the following examples: 1. the act of authorization, as a unilateral act of governments, which may be revoked at any time by the competent authorities in the event of serious or repeated non-compliance with the provisions of Annex 9; Part I of the Convention by national associations. TirExB believes that, as far as possible, all new or amended authorizations and agreements in all Contracting Parties should be based on these examples. However, it should be clear that both texts are examples that cover only the minimum conditions and requirements. Thus, Parties are free to add other provisions, provided that the interests of all Parties concerned are covered in accordance with the provisions and spirit of the TIR Convention.

The approval and the example agreement contain standardised wording for the specific minimum conditions and requirements that govern the rights and obligations of customs authorities and national federations, such as. B the minimum content of the enterprise, the liability of the association, the maximum guarantee per TIR Carnet and the termination of the agreement. . . .