Burma Road Agreement

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In July 1940, the British government bowed to diplomatic pressure from Japan to close Burma Road for deliveries to China. [4]:299 After the Japanese invaded Burma in 1942, the Allies were forced to supply Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalist Chinese by air. U.S. Air Force cargo planes, primarily Curtiss C-46, flew these supplies from airfields in Assam, India, over the „bump,“ the eastern tip of the Himalayas. Under British command, Indian, British, Chinese and American troops, led by General Joseph Stilwell, defeated a Japanese attempt to conquer Assam and recaptured northern Burma. In this area, they built a new road, the Ledo Road, which passed from Ledo, Assam, through Myitkyina and was connected to the old Burma Road in Wandingzhen, Yunnan, China. The first trucks arrived at the Chinese border on this road on January 28, 1945. [5] YANGON – The Myanmar government on Thursday signed two Memorandums of Understanding and an agreement with China on the China-Myanmar Trade and Technology Corridor (CMEC), Trade and Technology. The road was 1,154 km long and was built during World War II to bring supplies to besieged China to help them withstand the Japanese invasion. There is not much of the original road today, but parts of the road can still be used. Parts of the old street are still visible today.

It was built as a gateway between Myanmar and southwestern China, the emerging empire on its border. It was one of the most outstanding engineering performances of all time. More than 200,000 Chinese workers have embarked on a seemingly impossible task: cutting off a 700 km road — the Burma Highway — from the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming to Lashio, Burma. But when Burma fell in 1942, the Burma road was cut off. The first stage of the Allied offensive against Japan, the American General Joseph Stilwell reopened it, while providing China with an airlift from India and at the same time taking the Japanese out of Burma.It, it was a real challenge and a real test of the vehicles, as the road was over-deployed in corners and turns with wheels sometimes suspended above the precipice. It is the central trade route that feeds China`s insatiable appetite for the resources – including energy, natural resources and food – it desperately needs to sustain its billion-strong population.