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Parma is a very friendly city, it is easy to commute, do and see a lot of things, and the people of Parma are friendly and welcoming. More than half of the students come from other Italian provinces and, therefore, the university is one of the highest levels of non-resident students in a university. Hospitality, research and innovation are the key to fully accomplishing the mission of providing students with a complete and authentic experience to ensure personal, intellectual and professional growth. Students are at the heart of all academic activities, at the heart of one of Europe`s leading universities, which retains its former prestige while looking to the future. Parma combines beauty and efficiency: a medium-sized city of about 197,000 inhabitants, where cycling is the ideal means of transport – especially for the shuttle. The landscape is located close to the university campus and the city itself, where students can see more of the Po Plain to the north and the forests of the Apennines to the south. The Ligurian Sea is also an hour`s drive away – the perfect activity if you`re not studying. The high standard of living in Parma is immediately noticeable and the University of Parma uses the favorable mix of florida economic activities of the city, especially the remarkable agri-food industry and the typical joie de vivre of the inhabitants of Emilia Romagna. Please note that this list will be continuously updated in accordance with the agreements currently in force. Marco Pieroni will provide his experience and skills in the design, synthesis, cleaning and chemical characterization of new chemical units with biological activity. Like his experience, attested by the literature produced, he can advance the synthesis of rational connections either according to a structure-based drug design and/or a ligand base drug design approach. In addition, an ex novo synthesis of natural products and/or the analysis of natural products can be carried out if this proves useful and in accordance with the strategy presented by the project managers. Extensive cooperation and interaction with project partners, including with different contexts, is also ensured.

Marco Pieroni can also coordinate the medical-chemical activity of a small team of chemists and personally take care of the collection of data and the presentation of the results obtained. As is often the case, it can take care of and train young researchers in the field of medical chemistry and drug design. Depending on the length of your stay, your budget and your personal requirements, you can choose which is the best solution for you: you can find accommodation in private apartments shared with other students, residences in agreement with the University of Parma or residences. · The university`s website and provides updated information and the latest news about UNIPR….