Jam Software License Agreement

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This software is copyrighted (c) Gadwin, Ltd. (the „publisher“). ToneLib, ToneLib JAM are trademarks of Gadwin, Ltd. The use and copyright of this software are governed by international copyright treaties. Publisher reserves full ownership and rights to this software and documentation and does not diminish publishers` intellectual property rights. They cannot redistribute the registration codes made available on paper, electronic or other. If you make sure that you only distribute the trial version of this software (which can be determined by the help -> in the main menu), you will be allowed to create any number of copies of the trial version of this software. Copies must be complete and unchanged. There is no charge for the above process and you do not have to charge for the copy you created. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully before using this software.

Your use of the software provided by this contract (the „SOFTWARE“) indicates your consent to this license agreement. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this license, you must remove this software from your storage devices and stop using the product. You cannot use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, rent, sell, modify, decompilate, decompil, decompilize, derive, transfer or transfer the licensed program, copy, emulate, copy, copy, clone, rent, sell, modify, decompil, decompile or otherwise transfer, unless this is provided for in this Contract. This unauthorized use results in the immediate and automatic termination of this licence and may result in criminal and/or civil proceedings. A copy of the licensed software can be used by a person up to three dedicated computers (but not at the same time or more than a virtual or physical server), or it can be installed on a single computer and can be used by up to three people, but not simultaneously. If a part of this agreement is found to be null and void, it will have no bearing on the validity of the balance of this contract, which remains valid and applicable on its terms. This agreement can only be amended in writing, signed by a licensed Jamboxx staff member. This is the total agreement between Jamboxx and you regarding the software and replaces all prior insurance, discussions, companies, the end of communication or advertising in relation to the software. Content files. Unless otherwise stated in the licenses associated with content files, which may contain certain rights and limitations regarding these materials, you can use, view, edit, reproduce and distribute the content files. However, you cannot distribute content files independently (i.e. in circumstances where content files represent the primary value of the distributed product) and you cannot claim trademark rights over content files or their derivative works.

If the software is an update to an earlier version of Jamboxx software, you must have a valid license for that previous version to be able to use that update. Once you have installed such an update, you can only use this previous version in accordance with your end user license agreement if a) the update and all previous versions are installed on the same computer, b) Previous versions or copies are not transferred to another party or device unless all copies of the update are also transferred to that part or device, and (c) you recognize that any obligation, if it exists, may require the previous version of Jamboxx.