Local 506 Demolition Agreement

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If you have any new information on the status of collective bargaining or the details of the new agreements to report, please let us know. Stewards and Foreman are the basis of the Union. Thanks to it, the Union is able to exercise social equality and the control of workers. Shop Stewards are elected representatives of Union members in the workplace. Directors must ensure that management respects agreements negotiated with workers. They must also ensure that management makes decisions made during negotiations. It is important to be vigilant. Steward/Foreman stays in touch with members and educates them. The steward/foreman ensures that anyone he or she represents has a union membership card. A well-informed local is a local fort! The SCO is committed to informing our staff and management partners to ensure that all parties are aware of the progress of the negotiations and the ongoing comparisons. This is the 6th edition of our Bulletin Here Collective Bargaining, based on information received by the SCO at the end of the day, June 11, 2019. Currently, 16 agreements have been ratified, 3 unions have provisional agreements and 7 are pending. FIFTY-YEAR GOLD MEMBERSHIP Local 506 is proud to honour retired members who have reached 50 years of membership.

They allow us to organize an annual steward/foreman seminar. This year, it took place on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Among our 500 Shop Stewards and Foreman, there were high-profile guests from union leaders, government officials and work advisors who shared their knowledge and strengths to support our goals. Liuna LOCAL 506 – CANADIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM VIDEO See the LiUNA Local 506 National Anthem Video 26 years ago LiUNA Local 506 in partnership with the General Section of Contractors began its annual „Nick Barbieri Charity Bocce Annual Ball These awards are recognized in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to improving the work environment and the well-being of our members. Ottawa`s salary increase year 1: $1.70 – includes $0.10 in exchange for the removal of the WSIB Bill 162 req`t year 2: $1.25 – year 3: $1.00 – includes contributions to the Stabilization Fund, Preparing for Work Training and Qualification. Armando has been a member since 2003 and has worked on various major construction projects in and around the GTA, while working at Priestly Demolition. A foreman is just as good as his crew, and even how hard it is to be Labour, he remains firm in his faith and proud to be part of Local 506 and Demolition. Armando is very hardworking in updating his colleagues on and next to our latest news and the workers` movement, which is based on the solidarity of the Union. He has shown the utmost loyalty and respect and we congratulate him on his efforts to ensure the well-being of our members! 2017 TORONTO REGION BOARD OF TRADE ANNUAL MAYOR`S LUNCHEON Pride in serving a wide range of I.C.I.

and industry workers. Liuna Local 506 represents 8,000 members. Our mission is to further improve the well-being of all working families and ensure fair treatment in the workplace. Carlos joined the Union in 2007 and has been working at Alliance Forming Ltd ever since. We are proud to mention that he is one of the first to have completed our first steward training program and since Shop Steward is on various sites. He is a very zealous learner and has obtained various EU certifications. As a store steward, Carlos Ramos believes in a strong work ethic and looks after those who work with him. It also goes beyond the development of unity among workers, in order to ensure the maintenance of a progressive and informed adherence to work.