Massey University Individual Employment Agreement

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To confirm that their work is covered by this agreement, you can read the full KTCA report text, Part 1, paragraph 1.3. Employment contracts between employers and workers are mandatory. Employers have specific rules that they must follow as part of their licensing criteria. Learn more about the responsibilities of the work agreement for early learning services. With regard to the proposal to restructure or initiate disciplinary proceedings, employers are required to give the workers concerned access to all relevant information. In 2011, the labour tribunal`s decision in the case of „The Vice-Chancellor of Massey University/Wrigley“ introduced a very broad interpretation of the relevant information as part of a restructuring. This includes anything that could affect the retention of a worker, even if it is confidential information about other workers. The ministry does not provide individual employment contract templates for ECE or Kéhanga reo services, but you can visit the website of the Ministry of Enterprise, Innovation and Employment (external link) for information that will help you start a business. Teachers who are not members of the NZEI can sign a promoted IEA if they are covered by the coverage clause of the collective agreement. The working conditions are similar to the collective agreement. The Amendment Act watered down the impact of the Wrigley case on employers. The provisions of the law in good faith have been amended so that employers have the right to withhold confidential information, including information about other identifiable persons, if there is a good reason to withhold it. However, it is important that employers who follow redundancy, restructuring or disciplinary procedures continue to share with workers a large amount of information, including financial information, evaluation or opinion documents and communications on the decision.

Teachers who are members of the New Zealand Educational Institute – Te Riu Roa (NZEI) and whose work falls under the KTCA coverage clause are covered by the collective agreement. Posted in Employment, Employment Bulletin; Posted 5 years ago by Candice Murphy Most teachers employed by one of the 33 nursery associations are cared for by both: previously, employees who cared for dependants could request changes to their work rules to enable them to better meet the needs of their dependants. The right to demand flexible work arrangements (including changes to working hours, working days and workplaces) is now extended to all workers, without exception or restriction. Although employers are not required to accept a flexible work plan application, they must formally respond to requests within one month. Other amendments, which came into effect on March 6 and which could be of interest, are: . Employers and workers now have much more flexibility to agree on how, if and when breaks will be taken.