Ohio Ruma Agreement

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For more than a year, Energy in Depth has been updating our readers on RUMAs, which are agreements between a manufacturer and a county that cover repairs, upgrades and road ties. The idea behind THE RUMA is simple: leave it better than you found it. It is perhaps even more important that the agreement provides routes for heavy equipment to ensure safety and minimize impact. The Marietta Times recently presented such an agreement between PDC Energy and Washington County. It focused on a three-mile road in adams Township on Dixon Ridge Road, where PDC developed a Fountain Pad site. If we pull a few counties north in the heart rate of the Utica game, we are in Carroll County, which has had great success in road repairs thanks to RUMA. Here is a report on the PDC agreement: An example of this agreement is available on the Ohio County Engineers Association website. This is an opportunity for oil and gas developers and municipalities to reach an agreement for the oil and gas company to repair and wait for a section of road either at the front end or at the rear end of a project. This agreement must be in effect before an application for authorization is submitted to the NRDO. Therefore, before an oil and gas company starts operations, they must have a RUMA.

As with any new area of legal compliance, many townships and counties have fought with their oversight responsibility according to the Ohio Attorney General Opinion 2012-029. The investigation revealed that many contractors who worked under RUMA agreements violating Ohio`s wage law. A road maintenance agreement (RUMA) is an agreement between local governments and private energy developers for the repair and maintenance of roads damaged or damaged by traffic related to energy production. These agreements are a true example of a partnership between the public and private sectors to ensure that vital local infrastructure stimulates economic development at no extra cost to taxpayers. The compliance manual is available for download by clicking here. Please contact our Wage Compliance Officer at 614-228-5546 or info@actohio.org for RUMA matters. Did you hear the new RUMA? This is something that most Ohioans will experience in the near future. RUMA is an agreement between a management body located in Ohio, usually a county or municipality, and an oil and gas exploration company. Yesterday, officials from the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, as well as administrators from townships and local communities, as well as representatives of the oil and gas industry, met in Jefferson County to discuss the road use management agreement. Producers must have a RUMA to obtain a work permit in a given location.

The agreement will ensure the proper maintenance of roads used in the development of Ohio`s natural resources in the Utica shale.