Sql Enterprise Agreement

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In a three-year contract, the number of desktop computers and qualified users can be adjusted for each anniversary of the contract. This allows for greater flexibility to meet changing requirements. Use rights are limited and expire when the contract expires. Alternatively, the customer can sign a purely enterprise online service contract with Microsoft. This option does not require company-wide standardization. Customers must acquire at least 500 Enterprise online service licenses. The EDOS program is ideal for large companies and government organizations with more than 5,000 users. As part of an EA, customers can subscribe to microsoft online services such as Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Services should not be licensed at the company level, but can be reserved for each user. The customer granted either the standard edition or the corporate edition of each service. The validity of the EDOS is three years and is addressed to an EA. SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition Server licenses are available on price lists until June 30, 2012.

EA and EAP customers who have entered into active agreements on this date may continue to acquire new licenses until the end of their current term. When signing the agreement, the customer must define and communicate to Microsoft the number of desktop computers or qualified users as well as Microsoft Enterprise products or Enterprise Online Services. This information represents the first purchase. Each anniversary is due to a „True Up Order“ for additional desktops or qualified users, based on which the total cost for the previous year is calculated. Under a traditional agreement on microsoft Enterprise, the customer is allowed to authorize corporate products individually or as a standard platform. However, at least one enterprise product must be standardized throughout the company. SCE объединяет механизмы регистрации EAP, ECI и EWA в единую процедуру и позволяет лояльным клиентам приобрести одну или несколько базовых серверных и облачных технологий. The enterprise agreement, which is priced at the number of computers or licensed users, is a three-year contract covering all software licenses and customer system updates. If the contract is terminated, an extension of one or three additional years is granted. Упрощение процесса приобретения: на основные программные продукты нужно делать всего лишь один заказ в год; Businesses, businesses, etc.