Withdrawal Agreement Card Spain

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If the parent or any other person, a national of a third country, holds a temporary card as a relative of an EU citizen and has not reached a legal stay of five years in Spain. For more details on the agreement with the EU and what it means for British nationals living in Spain or living in Spain, appear on this UK government link. Either one of these documents – the green card or the TIE – serves as valid proof of their legal stay in Spain. This gives you and your direct family the right to live in Spain and enjoy uninterrupted civil rights after the end of the Brexit transition. For those entering Spain after 6 July, a procedure has been set up for the issuance of residence documents as part of the withdrawal agreement during the transitional period. This will avoid duplication in applications for certification of a EU citizen and the residence document. As soon as this procedure comes into force (6 July), applications for registration certificates or residence cards for family members of EU citizens submitted by the beneficiaries of the withdrawal agreement will be processed as applications for residence permits, in accordance with Article 18.4 of the agreement. 45.In February, the European Commission published an implementation decision that proposed a single EU-wide biometric document that would demonstrate the rights of those covered by the withdrawal agreement. This would be available to British nationals if they lived in a country with a declaratory or constituent system. The document would have a minimum validity of five years and a maximum of ten years. This decision would be binding on all Member States from the end of the transitional period.78 In Spain, it is a biometric card that proves that their national has legal residence in Spain in the United Kingdom and enjoys the rights of the withdrawal agreement.

We note that the Spanish Ambassador said in his letter: „We believe that the issuance of a physical biometric document would also be highly appreciated by EU citizens residing in the UK, if they were also possible.“ 79 This rule states that the TIE card issued to British citizens in Spain contains distinctive features such as their status as beneficiaries under the withdrawal agreement and whether they previously held a previous green residence document. 39.La France does not ask EU citizens to register with the authorities. It has a considerable British population and has opted for a constituent system. All British nationals residing in France must apply for a new status and residence card. The application will be online and will then be processed at the local level in the departmental prefectures.69 Foreign residents of Spain can apply for a permanent stay after five years, which means that if you have been living in Spain or more since that date, your TIE card is valid for ten years.